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June 25, 2005

Here are some great resources for pain

Note: These and other pain resources can be found through

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Break the pain cycle

In the world we live we can find ourselves being put in situations where we find ourselves under serious stress. Stress is very destructive to our health but we can't escape it. I see many patients who suffer from chronic pain because of accidents, over use of a muscle, nerve damage, or even more often stress. Stress is the center of the pain cycle. It has a great influence on pain and our metabolism.
It is important to understand the pain cycle. The goal of any treatment is to start by breaking this pain cycle before it goes full circle and/or while the pain is severe. I definitely recommend Hako-Med's patented Horizontal Therapy. Due to its many therapeutic effects it has been effective in the relief of pain and rehabilitation. It will break the pain cycle and then go on to rehabilitate the muscle, joint or even support the building of new nerve fiber. As you continue to visit this site you will see more information on Horizontal Therapy or simply email me or visit for more immediate information.

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Computer addict

I published this photo on one of my other blogs to illustrate what takes place at my house re. my computer use everyday. Do I have a problem or what?

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June 21, 2005

Are your relationships important?

This is my wife and I enjoying Sandals in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

I believe that our emotional wellness highly depends on us being able to relax and spend time with our families and friends. Relationships are a very important part all other aspects of wellness. Business and financial wellness are based on great relationships with customer, client, associate and so forth. Spiritual wellness is also dependent on your relationship with God. You get the idea. Focus on building great relationships at home and outside of the home.

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June 20, 2005

Science Matters: Toxic products add to our chemical burden

by David Suzuki
Politicians often like to talk about the importance of "cleaning up our environment"—especially when they're trying to get elected. But wouldn't it make more sense to avoid messing it up in the first place? Most of us tend to assume that things we put into the environment simply go away. While it's true that nature can absorb much of our wastes, many of our chemical creations don't immediately dissipate harmlessly. In nature, everything is connected; so in many respects, there is no "away." That's why it's so important to be careful about what we release into nature. The problem is, we're much better at creating new chemical compounds than we are at figuring out if they are harmful, and we're even slower to stop using them when they are. Pesticides, for example, continue to cause concern, and two recent studies have linked pesticide exposure to potential health problems. The first looked at almost 3,000 people in five European countries. It found that the more a person is exposed to pesticides, the more likely that person is to develop Parkinson's disease. Amateur gardeners who used pesticides were nine per cent more likely to develop the disease, while farmers who used pesticides regularly saw their risk increase by 43 per cent. Another study had even more disturbing findings. It found that two chemicals used in pesticides and fungicides could cause fertility defects in male rats - defects that were then passed down to all their male offspring, as well as subsequent generations. It's the first time that toxins have ever been found to have this effect. The two compounds tested were methoxychlor, a pesticide used in place of DDT, and vinclozolin, a fungicide commonly used in the wine industry. Researchers at Washington State University injected the toxins into pregnant rats. Male rats born of the subsequent litters showed reduced sperm counts and reduced sperm motility. These defects continued in each generation of their offspring. Researchers caution that the chemical doses given to the rats were much higher than humans ever receive, but the findings raise yet more questions about the effects that widespread use of hormone-like pollutants are having on human health. And these pollutants, often called "endocrine disruptors," aren't just found in pesticides. They are also widely used in plastics to make them hard or, alternatively, soft. Chemicals called phthalates, found in a wide variety of soft plastics, have already been linked to feminization in male animals. And a study to be published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives has reported that sons born to women exposed to higher levels of phthalates are more likely to exhibit a higher degree of feminization. Finally, another study has found that exposure to the bisphenol A, an oestrogen-mimicking chemical found in hard plastics, may increase the risk of developing breast cancer. The study, conducted on rats, found that exposure to bisphenol A can alter breast development in a way that makes cancer more likely. As the weight of evidence piles up against these chemicals, we have to ask ourselves why are we still using them? Why are pesticides still used for cosmetic purposes in most towns and cities? Why are hormone-mimicking chemicals like phthalates and bisphenol A still allowed in common products like baby toys? Cleaning up our environment after we mess it up is helpful. But it's also terribly expensive and often not very effective. The best thing we can do for our environment, our health and our pocketbooks is to not mess it up in the first place. Because when it comes to our environment, "away" just doesn't exist.

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Website tells the danger of products in your home

This site lists the dangers of phosphates and other substances found in your everyday cleaning products at home.

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June 19, 2005


I have 225 days before I become a father myself. I am looking forward to joining all you fathers. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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Changes to the site

As you can see I have made major changes to my site's template. I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think.

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Therapeutic notes

Though I have not been journaling and writing as much as I should I must say how important I believe journaling is. Keeping a daily journal has been said to provide therapy in times of emotional stress (we have all experienced this right?). Journaling can also prevent stress by allowing us to relieve ourselves of the thoughts that can be distructive later on. At times we may also find that while writing our thoughts we recall things that we would not have if not for our brain at work finding informartion to put on paper.
As for sales executives, journals are an important part of your day. We try to commit our success to our memory after every appointment. The danger in that is that after leaving the prospect and heading into other appointments we forget the mood of the call and worse the important details to move the sale forward to close.
With that said. Do not commit your wealth or your health to memory.

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We're Having A Baby!

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